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  • Behind the Scenes of The Color Purple

The Color Purple poster
Nia-Amina Minor
Apr 5, 2012

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.”   -Shug Avery, The Color Purple

Recognize this titular line? If not, you will soon. 

Opening May 17th in Pigott Theater, Memorial Auditorium, Blackstage Theater Co. and Stanford Drama have collaborated to present The Color Purple, the musical.  Based on the famous novel by Alice Walker, The Color Purple chronicles the life of Celie, a downtrodden woman in early 20th century depression-era Georgia. Set against the backdrop of a southern community deep in the oppressive caste system of the Jim Crow south, The Color Purple is the story of Celie’s journey from despair to triumph.  Through love and faith, she finds herself and develops the strength to overcome the adversities in her life.    

We got a chance to speak with undergraduate director, Brandon Jackson (’12) about his creative process and what it is like to direct a musical production of this magnitude here at Stanford. A graduating senior majoring in Political Science and Drama, Brandon is also the artistic director for the Blackstage Theater Co. This is the first time an undergraduate at the university has directed a department production of this scale. Brandon took a moment to talk with us about the musical, his production team, and the process of getting the idea green lit.

Check out our Behind-the-Scenes interview!


Visit the Stanford Drama site for information about tickets: