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2020-2021 IDA Fellow Oblong Oriental (长方东方), otherwise known as Matthew Haide Zheng (郑海德), is a drag artist. Oriental takes up and hybridizes the forms and symbols of Beijing Opera with the aesthetics of modern American drag.

Applications are due Friday September 24, 2021

The IDA Undergraduate Fellowship is a year-long paid program for undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds, creative disciplines, and academic majors. The fellowship commissions new artwork from students, with the help of a close-knit creative community, time for generative art practice, professional and artistic development, and a deepening of social justice principles.

An incredible fellowship for artists and activists, no matter your level of experience, this group works together to advance and support creativity, equity, and healing for all communities. The IDA Undergraduate Fellowship is 8 hours per week during the academic year. Each week is a mix of creative practice, peer collaboration, artist talks, and a Friday weekly meeting with IDA staff and Artist-in-Residence, Amara Tabor-Smith. The program culminates in June with a showcase of new work.

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