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About Us

Statement of Core Values

We value and practice creativity.
We nurture diversity of cultures, identities, and forms of art.
We believe in advancing equity in and through the arts.
We strive to achieve excellence in all of our work.
We believe in the power of art to transform.


The Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA) + Committee on Black Performing Arts (CBPA) is a program in the arts that involves students and communities in the study of culture, identity, and diversity in and through artistic expression. Our mission is to create, support, and advance powerful, collaborative, and transformative arts practice and arts leadership in service of equity and justice.

We seek to accomplish this along four tracks:


1) Critical thinking and practice around art, diversity, and identity

We offer opportunities for rigorous scholarship, research and artistic practice through our courses, events, and programing. IDA also provides undergraduate students majoring in AAAS and/or CSRE the choice of a thematic concentration in ‘Identity, Diversity and Aesthetics,’ as well as honors opportunities in the arts.

2) Research and advocacy on equity through and in the arts

We actively investigate the ways in which the arts impact low-income communities, marginalized communities, and communities of color. We also develop and advance thinking and advocacy around cultural equity, particularly questions of access, representation, and power.

3) Arts leadership for the 21st century

Through our Fellows program we prepare students to be diverse and progressive thought leaders in the arts.

4) Cutting-edge arts practice

We support the advancement of aesthetics by highlighting and showcasing the best ideas and practices of diverse artists from around the world, and by offering the space and technological tools needed for robust exploration and experimentation.

5) Building the arts communities of the future

We believe deeply in the power of values-based collaboration and open modes of art-making. We model and build the arts communities of the future through the fostering of engagement, openness, and mutuality.