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The Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics Concentration in African & African American Studies and Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity is a program designed to explore the intersections of culture, race, the arts, and social transformation. In IDA courses taught by Stanford faculty, and distinguished Artists-In-Residence and Visiting Artists, students learn how the arts, activism, and the academy interact to produce aesthetic and social change.



The Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics concentration is designed to be attainable and flexible within either the AAAS or CSRE major. Each quarter IDA offers a range of courses taught by IDA-affiliated faculty or Artists. A concentration typically requires 15 units in IDA-approved courses, which may include your Senior Honors Thesis. In addition, you will need to take the AAAS core classes or CSRE core classes. Please check with AAAS advisors Cheryl Brown or Jessica Anderson or CSRE advisor Jordan Gray for additional major requirements.


IDA courses may include but are not limited to:

• AFRICAAM 32/CSRE 32A: The Fifth Element: Hip-Hop Knowledge, Pedagogy & Social Justice (H. Samy Alim & Jeff Chang)

• AFRICAAM 33: From Moments to Movements: New Media, Narrative and 21st Century Activism (dream hampton)

• AFRICAAM 34/CSRE 34: Race, Policing, and Mass Incarceration (H. Samy Alim & J. Eberhardt)

• AFRICAAM 121X/CSRE 121X: Hip-Hop, Youth Identities, and the Politics of Language (H. Samy Alim)

• AFRICAAM 127A/CSRE 127A: History of Hip-Hop Arts (Jeff Chang)

• CSRE 179C: Chroniclers of Desire: Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop (Cherríe Moraga)

• CSRE 179G: Indigenous Identity in Diaspora: People of Color Art Practice in North America (Cherríe Moraga)

• CSRE 201B: From Racial Justice to Multiculturalism: Movement-Based Arts Organizing in the Post-Civil Rights Era (Gina Hernandez)

• DANCE 30: Chocolate Heads Movement Band and Performance (Aleta Hayes)

• Directed Readings with any IDA-Affiliated Faculty or Artists

• IDA Visiting Artist Seminars—Art in the Streets, The Pleasure Principle, Art In Our Time, etc. (If these are taken more than once, each counts toward minimum 25 units)



IDA Concentration students must also complete a senior creative project. Possible senior projects could include: a stage production, an album of music, a fiction or creative non-fiction piece, or an arts workshop curriculum for a community setting. Students who elect to write an honors thesis may incorporate their project as the basis for their thesis.


IDA MINOR with Interdisciplinary Honors Option

Students who major in a subject other than CSRE have an option to pick up a CSRE Minor in IDA with Honors if they complete an approved senior project through a CSRE-IHN class.

FOR FURTHER QUESTIONS, inquire with Jeff Janei Maynard ( at IDA, Jessica Anderson ( at AAAS, or Jordan Gray ( at CSRE.