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IDA Concentration


The Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics Concentration in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity and African & African American Studies is a program designed to explore the intersections of culture, race, the arts, and social transformation. In IDA courses taught by Stanford faculty and distinguished Artists-In-Residence and Visiting Artists, students learn how the arts, activism, and the academy interact to produce aesthetic and social change.


The Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics concentration is designed to be attainable and flexible within either the CSRE or AAAS major. Each quarter IDA offers a range of courses taught by IDA-affiliated faculty or artists. A concentration typically requires 25 units in IDA-approved courses, along with 15 minimum units of core classes for CSRE or 20 units of Core classes for AAAS. Please check with AAAS advisor Jessica Anderson ( or CSRE advisor Jordan Lee Gray ( for additional major requirements.

Examples of IDA courses include:

  • ARTHIST 118A: Public Space in Iran: Murals, Graffiti, Performance (Ala Ebtekar)

  • AFRICAAM 95: Liberation Through Land: Organic Gardening and Racial Justice

  • AFRICAAM 8: Conjure and Manifest: Building a Sustainable Artistic Practice (A-lan Holt)

  • AFRICAAM 194A: Freedom's Mixtape: DJing Contemporary African American Rhetorics (Adam Banks)

  • CSRE 47Q: Heartfulness: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Responsibility (Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu)

  • CSRE 201B: From Racial Justice to Multiculturalism: Movement-based Arts Organizing in the Post Civil Rights Era (Gina Hernandez-Clarke)

  • AFRICAAM 37: Chocolate Heads Movement Band: Creative Methods in Intercultural Dance Technique and Performance (Aleta Hayes)

  • DANCE 106A: Embodied Resistance, Embodied Liberation: Performances of Blackness and the Black Experience (Amara Tabor-Smith)


IDA Concentration students must complete either a creative senior capstone or a creative honors thesis. The senior capstone is completed by the end of fall quarter in the required fall senior seminar, 200X. The honors thesis is completed by mid-spring quarter; students also take the required fall senior seminar, and may earn up to 10 additional units for their thesis over the winter and spring through 200Y and 200Z, respectively. Possible examples of senior creative work include but are not limited to: a stage production, an album of music, a fiction or creative nonfiction piece, a body of visual artwork, and an arts workshop curriculum for a community setting. Please consult the Creative Honors Thesis guidelines or Creative Senior Capstone guidelines for further details.


Students who major in a subject other than CSRE or AAAS have the options to pick up a CSRE Minor in IDA or complete an Interdisciplinary Honors (IHN) thesis in IDA. IDA Minors must complete 30 units of coursework in CSRE and may choose to complete an honors thesis in addition to the minor. Students who elect to earn Interdisciplinary Honors without completing a minor must take two CSRE core courses, as well as complete the honors course series (200X, Y, Z) and an honors thesis.

FOR FURTHER QUESTIONS, please reach out to Yeji Jung ( at IDA, Jessica Anderson ( at AAAS, or Jordan Lee Gray ( at CSRE.


Download this information as a pdf.