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Celebrating James Luna 1950-2018

Mar 7 2018

On behalf of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts and the Native American Cultural Center, we are deeply saddened to report that James Luna, Puyukitchum/Ipai/ Mexican American Indian, passed away over the weekend in New Orleans. 

We were honored to host James this past November as he shared his life and work with us over a meal. James was a brilliant artist, a generous teacher, a great storyteller, and a really funny person. He was also fearless, and during his lifetime, he broke down many doors for Native artists nationally and internationally. He encouraged us to be true to ourselves and our voices, unapologetic and daring. He was a force of nature and gentle as a desert breeze. 
In his short time at Stanford, he touched many souls and taught us many lessons for life.

Thank you, James, for walking with us.

Rest well,
Your loving friends at IDA and the NACC