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This form is to be used to reserve a space in the Harmony House by student groups.

Reserving Harmony House

The Harmony House has two spaces available for reservation: downstairs and upstairs. The larger downstairs space has sofas and chairs, a piano, and folding tables. The smaller upstairs room has sofas and one dry-erase wall. Unfortunately there is no elevator access. There is a single-occupancy all-gender bathroom downstairs and one upstairs. The kitchen cabinets and fridge are reserved for IDA staff use. Harmony House is ramp-accessible, and parking next to the house is free after 4pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.
Please submit your reservation at least ONE WEEK in advance. Submitting this form does not guarantee use of the space. The IDA Facilities Coordinator will confirm or defer your reservation within 2-3 days of submission. Please be aware that last minute reservations may not receive a response in time.
We reserve the right to give you one week minimum notice of a change in reservation.
Please be aware that all Harmony House usage is granted by courtesy of IDA as a service to Stanford students and organizations, particularly those working in the arts for social change. IDA reserves the right to bill organizations for any damage done to the house, or for any staffing that may be necessary to ensuring proper usage of the space. We expect all guests will care for the house as if it was their own and restore it to the original condition they found it in. Fees for any damages caused to the house or for conditions in which the house is left in anything less than a viable state will be the responsibility of the group or individual reserving the space. University account numbers must be provided at time of reservation. If you are unable to provide a University account number, then we ask that another form of accountability be provided. Please understand that reservations are otherwise free of charge.

Reserve Harmony House