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5th Element Symposium and Think Tank IV Registration Form

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Please use this section to indicate the pronouns we should use to address you. Potential pronouns could include but are not limited to: ze/zir, she/her, they/them, [your name], doesn't matter, he/him. You can include more than one. We provide space for this so that we can do our best to respect and honor everyone's chosen ways to describe themselves and to acknowledge the fact that gender is something we must actively work to disrupt as a binary. Here is a link to an external resource if you would like to learn more.
Please list the name of the organization or institution you are a part of or are representing. Please write NA if this doesn't apply.
Please describe the mission of your organization or institution in 100 words or less.
Please list the current needs of your organization in 50 words or less. Don't worry about writing complete sentences.
On November 8th participants will get the opportunity to connect and build with Hip Hop educators, scholars, and community-based organizations in a hands-on workshop break-out session. This will provide guests with the chance to connect intimately in small groups and hear from Hip Hop educators, scholars, activists, and artists first hand. Please sign up for one.
Questions for Hip Hop Educators
On November 9th participants will get the opportunity to connect and build with Hip Hop educators, scholars, and community-based organizations as a part of the Hip Hop Education Think Tank IV, "It's Yours! Sustaining and Reimagining Our Movement." The fourth edition of the Hip Hop Education Think Tank is presented by the Hip Hop Education Center in collaboration with Stanford University's Institute for Diversity in the Arts. Previous partners include, New York University's Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools, Columbia's Institute for Urban and Minority Education, and the NY Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Please contribute by attending and answering the three questions below. Your responses will be crucial to our gathering. Please write N/A if you do not wish to answer.
More information will be provided about specific times of workshops and speakers. *The symposium is completely free but registration is required to reserve a spot because there is limited space.
Contact Address
Please list contact address information.
House or Apartment Number
Please list city here
Please indicate whether you are seeking hotel accommodations. We will be using this number to block out rooms in the area, so that there will be availability for our guests. We are not able to pay for lodging, but we will provide information about the location of the symposium and hotels that are expecting our guests. Please contact us if you have any questions.
We are unable to provide flight or hotel accommodations to our attendees except for our invited speakers, guests, and facilitators. However, we will be offering limited scholarships, with a special emphasis on college and high school students. APPLICATION IS NOW CLOSED.
Please select an occupation that describes your work. Select all that apply.
Please list occupation here if it is not included above.
Please select interests here. You can select as many as apply.
Please share any goals you have for the symposium and Think Tank. What would you like to get out of attending? We will do our best to take this into account as we continue to develop both of the days.
Please use this space to share any dietary restrictions or food allergies that you would like us to accommodate.
Please use this space to share any questions you have about registration or the symposium in general. Also please check out our FAQ page that lists most common questions and our responses.