Alexis Mack


Artist Statement.

Alexis Mack '22 is a sustainable fashion creative. Her fully pieces facilitate dialogue on the consumption. She centers Black culture, and the environment; she places emphasis on the current disposability of the cultural and the natural environment. Alexis’s approach is inherently anti-consumerist. She hopes to remind us of the abundance we have through her ancestral lineages.

Alexis will be designing and creating a collection that is fully recycled and gender neutral. Her collection is a work in progress that aims to inspire fashion that shifts us away from the direction that the fast fashion industry is currently heading.

This collection showcases headwear that embodies blackness : the du-rag. The collection is collection is not simply net neutral ; it is net positive. 



Project Description

Alexis plays with the supposed "raggedness" of the du-rag and of her materials. She works to shift the connotation of the du-rag : she centers du-rag as the staple piece of African American culture. She works to shift the connotation of old rags of cloth : she centers recycled cloth as textiles with endless potential. She works to shift wasteful customs of the fashion industry : she centers organic materials to create her textile designs -  from citruls peels to coffee grinds. Her textile materials compost back to the earth.