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AFRICAAM 201 / CSRE 202 / DANCE 122 / ENGISH 287:
Moving the Message: Reading and Embodying the works of bell hooks, Spring 2022


Tuesdays 1:30-3:00pm

2 Units

Credit / No Credit

Roble 115

Instructor: amara tabor-smith

In this course, we will spend time reading, discussing and embodying the work of Black feminist theorist and teacher bell hooks. hook’s work focuses on practices rooted in Black feminism, the role of love in revolutionary politics, rescuing ourselves and each other from hegemonic forces, and building the components necessary for a life of liberatory politics. Through a process grounded in movement improvisation, creative writing and expression we will explore how the words and theories of bell hooks can literally move us towards freedom and self-recovery. This course is presented by the Institute for Diversity in the Arts, IDA.

Amara Tabor-Smith

AFRICAAM 163 / CSRE 163 / MUSIC 153C:

Fly Folk in the Buttermilk: A Black Music and Culture Writing Workshop, Spring 2022


Wednesdays 2-5pm


Letter / Credit / No-Credit

Instructors: Dr. Adam Banks, IDA Faculty Director; Lynnee Denise Bonner; Daniel Gray-Kontar

This course focuses on the regional rhythms and aesthetic trends of Black popular music of the Americas in the 1980s, a period of Black cultural production largely ignored by the academy. Students will investigate how technology, economic shifts, AIDS, and the War on Drugs impacted communities that produced, created and danced to music in the face of hostile political terrain. Students will develop and employ careful listening practices that encompass the study of sampling, digging through crates of vinyl, analyzing album cover art, and closely reading liner notes. The musical forms we will cover range from New Jack Swing to Quiet Storm Music to Synthesizer Soul. Figures we will study include nontraditional scholars and practitioners, artists, activists, music journalists, and cultural critics. Finally, students will map the digital movement of music, people, and ideas through post-human platforms such as computer-based home recording studios, portable sound systems, beat-making equipment, keytars, turntables, and sampling machines.

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