Faatimah Solomon


Artist Statement

Faatimah Solomon is a poet, writer, and collage artist whose work explores themes of longing, homemaking, memory, diaspora, and exile. Her work is archival in nature and draws from Sudanese personal and familial histories – specifically through forms of oral storytelling traditions, family photographs, and piecing together community and family trees. Sudanese by way of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Bay Area, Faatimah is influenced by moments of transnational intimacies and confluence. She is deeply moved by the creative possibilities of inherited and imagined emotional geographies and lineages. Her collection of poetry, confluence of the two niles – which includes visual collages – explores the yearning for home beyond the nation-state and tenderly centers sites of rupture and juncture where she finds her habobas (Sudanese Arabic word for ‘grandmothers’) and they find her.

Faatimah is a senior studying African and African-American Studies and Human Biology at Stanford University. She is a full-spectrum doula in training and is working on publishing her collection of poetry, confluence of the two niles.

Email: faatimah@stanford.edu



confluence of the two niles

Project Description

confluence of the two niles is a collection of pow

Recommendations by the Artist

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