Concert and talkback with tïna-hanäé and Sabine Holler

We were blessed to host the artists of tïna-hanäé and Sabine Holler during the first week of winter quarter 2018. A four-piece Shinto-futurist band from Queens, NY,  the Asian American femme artists of tïna-hanäé combine strings, electronics, and taiko drum to explore the intersections of ecological and social realms in their work. Sabine Holler is a Brazilian singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer who builds up hypnotic layers of sounds, harmoniously setting the perfect environment for an emotional and visceral singing. The artists played an intimate set for a packed house at 576 Alvarado Row, and then joined us for an insightful lunch talkback at Okada House to share their experiences with the realities of professional music and art life, and taking unconventional life paths after college. Much gratitude to these artists for their presence, music, and work.