A Screening with Director Vincent Martell

Students gathered in community for Vincent Martell’s Artist Talk on Friday, February 22nd. Martell, a black, Chicago-based film director and creative, came to campus to screen the pilot episode of his upcoming web series Damaged Goods. The series itself revolves around four creatives of color in the Chicago queer, poc, art scene.

The group was full of energy, and the students fed off of Martell’s liveliness and passion for his craft. Questions ranged from Martell’s color direction – surrealist and fantastical, to his navigating of remaining authentic while expanding, to rituals he had created in his life and art practice to maintain self care. There was tea and snacks, and while the day had faded into darkness and chill, the atmosphere inside was one of warmth and community and reverence. Martell, for the students in attendance, mirrored their own experiences of discovery in art, symbolized a vision of success – a black artist making art with and for his community, creating his own series, releasing it world wide, all while staying true to culture. Students lingered after the event to thank Martell for his presence, for sharing space, and to let him know that if they were ever in Chicago they would definitely be reaching out.

Martell’s full web series debuts on March 26th on the VAM studio youtube page, as well as in select places world wide.