UPDATE: Spring Class & COVID-19

To our IDA community

During this time of change, we want to send you our love and solidarity. Today, as always, we take our cues from the most vulnerable of our communities. We send our support to BIPOC students, FLI students, Queer students, all those who might feel uprooted during this time. We send our support to workers and custodial staff who have been tasked with the frontlines of the cleanup and care on campus. We send our support to staff, especially temporary staff, who often do not have the same protections as faculty or senior staff. We certainly send support to artists and community arts organizations, whose finances are often held in the balance. We are reminded this week of our dear Octavia Butler who says the only lasting truth is change, god is change, change is love. Today we are being asked to lean into the truth of change.

With the news of global public health concerns and updates from the university, IDA has decided to postpone our annual spring class, AAAS 170A / CSRE 170A Unlearning Racism, Redefining Identity until the 2020-2021 academic school year. We feel this impact, knowing the course is a source of connection and community for many of us. We hope to provide other ways to stay connected and materials to help us root in justice this quarter and beyond. 

You, dear community, are our lights. We thank you for your support and we are here to be a support to you. If you have concerns around housing or resources, please reach out and we will help you to navigate as much as possible. While the Harmony House will be closed during this time, please reach out if you need special access. All IDA staff can continue to be reached by email.

We are thankful for the documentation of past spring classes, and we want to highlight their existence on our website: https://diversityarts.stanford.edu/classes/online-lectures/.
And please follow all Stanford community health updates at healthalerts.stanford.edu.

We look forward to being in your presence again soon. Until then: rest, stay safe, and keep rooted in love.

With warmth and so much love, 

A-lan Holt
Director, Institute for Diversity in the Art.